Sticky thread for progress updates?

Can we get a sticky thread for progress updates? I'd even vote for locking the thread down, such that no comments can be made except by Chip and other mods. Just high-level updates. Something like:
April 1: Went to On-Semi today. They think I'm sooper smart and love my design.
April 15: Verilog is done and they started routing the chip today

And maybe the first post can contain a continuously updated future timeline?
May 25: Expected test chips = July 1
Potential GA release date: October 1
PropWare: C++ HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer) for PropGCC; Robust build system using CMake; Integrated Simple Library, libpropeller, and libPropelleruino (Arduino port); Instructions for Eclipse and JetBrain's CLion; Example projects; Doxygen documentation
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