Coding help. IR Navigation, Phototransistor, 433MHz transciever

I am fairly new to this advanced of programing. Our robotics expert left and didn't leave his mission to mars curriculum so I am tasked with making a new one. Before I can do that I have to figure out the coding that is required. We are navigating using ir headlights as done in chapter 7 of the Boe-Bot book. While it is navigating there is a phototransistor scanning for a specific value range for the color blue. Currently, I have this working successfully. it drives without running into anything and stops when it gets the correct light value. The main issue I am having is with the 433MHz transceiver. Once the robot detects the blue construction paper I need it to send data to another robot hooked up to the computer with a debug screen open. Any help would be awesome. I am fairly new to this style of robotics and coding so please go easy on me. Also, if anyone would like to look at the rest of my coding and clean it up / simplify it a little more it would be a huge help.

thanks in advanced

code is attached with notes


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