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ISSI showing 1M/2M/4Mb QuadSPI SRAMs SO8

jmgjmg Posts: 11,657

ISSI showing 1M/2M/4Mb QuadSPI SRAMs

Mouser have stock of SRAM 2Mb 256Kx8 45MHz 2.2-3.6V Serial SRAM
- no stock showing yet on the 4MB, tho ISSI tag it production. Data is new as Rev. A2 05/09/2018

Microchip top out at 1Mb and 20MHz, so this bump to 45MHz & 4Mb makes it useful for both P1 and P2
A P1 could play-back one of these at 45MHz from a 90MHz SysCLK, and cover a number of video bases..
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