Parallax SX48BD-G Schmartboard Stamp w/Free SX48BD

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There are 3 extra SX48BD-Gs over at Schmartboard and any forum member is welcome to one each until they run out.

PM me and I will give you a one time only code word to get one from Schmartboard guy.

You pay Schmartboard $6 for PCB and $6 to solder it in an oven plus 3 or $4 mailing cost.

This is a stamp as in common use of the word.

All SX48's pins are brought out to headers on each side of the PCB.

Then you are on your own.You put it on a breadboard and get it to run.


  • Probably breakout board is a better description for it.

    Then a stamp is processor on a PCB w/pins that has support parts on it already.

    Okay.So these are breakout boards.

    Good chance to get top SX chip that is usable for about $15 total.

    That is me supplying the leftover SX'x to forum members.

  • Soldered up SX on board got here a day or two ago.

    ATTENTION!: If you want to get the pin headers soldered on you HAVE TO ASK FOR IT!

    It was a 'Yippee/Oh no!' situation. Opened it up and first sign of trouble were two loose pin headers in

    baggie with board.

    Other than that it looks great.
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