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I must admit, that I have not kept up with the P2 development over the years, but with the expected upcoming arrival of the P2, I thought it might be productive to start a discussion on promotional ideas, which may help Parallax move forward into the future. This discussion is meant to be a free for all, to simply share thoughts and ideas that will help to promote the P2 chip, and it is meant to include everything from eye catching advertisements to trade show demonstrations to Electrical Engineering conventions to you choose the topic.

Please refrain from idea and concept bashing, because it is non-productive and can become quite disruptive.

--- Begin P2 Feature Set ---

As admitted, I am unaware of the current feature set of the P2, but when properly educated, I will post the full set of P2 features at this location. From what I have gather through an occasional poke and peek, is that everything is now pretty much carved in stone, except the final speed, but as always, I could be wrong :)

--- End P2 Feature Set ---


  • For my first suggestion, I think that trade shows are a wonderful way of exposing a new product to the public or to an intended specific market segment.

    With that in mind, I think that we should start contriving ideas for a P2 demonstration booth, which will show off the raw power of the P2, in as little space as possible. Perhaps this could include a wide collection of complex P1 objects all operating in unison, but also meanwhile, showing off the wonderful new features of the P2.

    I envision a small display area, with a single uC performing some very complicated tasks.
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    Have a look at the first documentation link here for the latest info on P2's features. :)

    Edit: First doc link in first post of linked thread.
  • ozpropdev

    Thank you very much for that information.

    After breezing through that document, I believe I will just link to that instead of trying to list all the features. :)

    I will try to update the first post later today.

    Once again, thank you... That is a nice reference to bring me a little more up to date.
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