Parallax USB Oscilloscope 28014 and Basic Stamp Board

Have to get it in gear and familiarize ourselves with this scope.

Doing lesson in Signals text.

Read high low signal.

Ultimate goal is to read some 29 and 32 khz oscillator circuits.


  • Here's screenshot of reading Stamp 2 BOE USB board.

    Toggling high and low pin 14 10 second pause.

    Will do 'Further study' or changing settings and watching the differences in plot area tomorrow.


  • Going to do this part next.Page 19 of text.
    The BASIC Stamp is toggling an I/O pin, that is, switching between HIGH and LOW. Using
    the cursors, we can measure how long the signal is high. It will show that the high signal
    lasts for 10 ms, just as you programmed the BASIC Stamp to do.
    √ Under the Cursors tab, set the Cursor Settings switch to Vertical Bars.
    √ Drag the bars to either side of a high pulse.
    √ In the Auto Measurements box, read the delta (Δ) value in the Time column. It
    should be around 10 ms.
    √ Under the Trigger tab, set the Trigger Edge switch to Falling. Notice the signal shifts
    to the left. Now the oscilloscope is triggering on the falling edge of the input
    √ Move the trigger voltage above 5 V, out of the range of the signal. Notice the
    rolling effect. The OPTAscope is looking for a trigger event but does not find
    one because you have the Trigger Mode switch set to Auto. This causes the
    OPTAscope to automatically trigger even though the input signal never causes a
    valid trigger event.
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