Parallax PBasic and MELabs PICBasic



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    As I recall, MELabs' PICBasic was a fair functional replacement for the BS1 at the time when Parallax had already developed the BS2 (and maybe some of its successors). By the time MELabs added some of the features of the BS2 line, Parallax had moved ahead as well. I used PICBasic for a project or two and it was never as easy or convenient to use as the Basic Stamps. You really had to have at least a little familiarity with the PIC instruction set and PIC assembly language to use PICBasic for anything complex. Debugging was also more difficult than with the Basic Stamps. My general impression was that it mostly worked. On the other hand, Parallax's stuff worked well, was well documented and well supported.
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    Yes, no PIC development at present or anytime since lawsuit ... won't happen. Very reasonable to want to change dynamic by developing their own intellectual property. Parallax owns it and controls it. Chip is self-taught in IC design, debugging with scanning electron microscope. Propeller 1 design has not needed revisions. Propeller 2 design has had lots of input from community and has gone through major revisions ... looks pretty solid now, but it's not done until it's done.

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  • I think Spin is the Basic for Propeller.
    ... only better! :) (But not as fast as PropBasic.)

    Unless you use fastspin, of course :)
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    Unless you use fastspin, of course :)

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