A BASIC Stamp 3 idea!

Hello, I have an idea for a BS3 module. I am thinking of making it a 24 pin, in a similar package to the Javelin. This module would have a program director chip, to contrl the program loading direction. Then there would be a shared EEPROM and clock, as well as one for each of the four PBASIC Interpreters. There would also be commands to immediately start or stop an interpreter, as well as four editor panes in the Stamp Editor, one to write the code for each interpreter. when the download is initiated, the data from each pane would be loaded to the corresponding interpreter. There would have to be extra pins on these interpreters, to be able to communicate between them.
That's not an explosion! That's an unscheduled rapid disassembly!

Looking for a way to have a silicon chip made.


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