Unstable Elev-8 / Xbee connection

Hi all-

I recently added the Parallax Xbee telemetry setup to our Elev-8. I had no problems configuring the modules for 57600 baud, or connecting them to the quad and the Macbook on which I am running Groundstation V2.0.1.

When the Elev-8 is first powered up, it connects to the Mac pretty quickly and I see sensor readings that appear to correspond to different orientations of the quad. However, pretty soon the link drops out, only to pop back in a few tens of seconds. This cycle repeats over and over, although not at a very regular rate. I'd say it's usually down about as long as it's up, somewhere in the 30-60s range.

The quad and Macbook are fully charged, and were about 3 meters apart during these tests.

Anyone have any ideas?

[The next set of questions pertains to getting the the SF11/c rangefinder working, but one thing at a time...!]


Patrick Ferrick
Westhill High School
Syracuse, NY

Physics Teacher
Westhill High School
Syracuse, NY
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