Propeller ASC+ microSD Card Issues

scociobascocioba Posts: 19
edited 2018-02-19 - 03:07:00 in Microcontrollers
Hi Everyone,
I'm trying my hardest to get the microSD reader onboard the ASC+ to work in SPIN. When I run the "01 SD Card Test" or any other piece of demo code from parallax I keep getting the following in the serial terminal:

SD engine started.
Disk IO Error
Disk IO Error
Disk IO Error
File opened.
File closed.
Partition unmounted.

I'm using a FAT32 formatted SD card with a capacity of 32gb (Samsung EVO Select microSD HC).

I can open and access the card via a card reader on my laptop and it seems fine. Nothing is written to the card during the demo program run either. Could any give me some leads or link me to some sample code that should just run a simple demo? I need to log some data for a research project and this is the last hurdle to overcome. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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