Problems with my Basic Stamp Projekt board.

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Hello everyone!
Earlier that day I connectmy new Microcontroller with my Pc. Everything works but after I want to start my Projekt nothing happend after I turned the electricity on. The LED on the circuit board wasnt on and nothing happend. What happend?

A few minutes erlier everything works. I tested it with an "test projetct" and in this Projekt everything was allright. I hope somebody have a solution. If you wand more information, just send me a message!
Sorry for my bad grammar, I'm from germany and not very good in english ;)


  • Not much information to go on, but the first thing to check is that you have power going to the board using a voltmeter.
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  • Check to see that both ends of the cable are fully inserted.
    Check your USB port with another device.
    Try a different cable.
    Try a different USB port.

    Post pictures. The more info you provide the more people can help.
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