How to wire PIFs

Thanks in advance - brand new to this forum.

I am working on a project that would require the use of multiple infrared detectors. I would like to use 4 + mini detectors. I would like each detector to have a maximum range less than 4 inches, and a rather narrow sensing range. I do not understand what the three legs do on a detector do, I assume positive, negative, and output? Some say the output drops off, some have high output? I just want to have a number of sensors that when any one of them detects a warm blooded animal within a few inch proximity (almost contact) to send a signal to a switch which closes it so that the normally open switch then will allow the power to flow so the next function will occur. I am sure this is out there somewhere but I am not studied at all in this type of circuitry.

Any help appreciated!!!



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    Rat trap?
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