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TAQOZ - Tachyon Forth for the P2 BOOT ROM



  • AJLAJL Posts: 369

    The French tried to introduce decimal time (10 hours per day, 100 minutes per hour, 100 seconds per minute; 100,000 seconds per day) at the time of the French Revolution, but ironically it didn't even last a decade.

  • Here's a version of the binary that you can upload into Flash using flexprop. Default baud is 921600.

  • Peter JakackiPeter Jakacki Posts: 10,050
    edited 2021-02-22 00:58

    I downloaded the 8x8 font with Parallax symbols from the forum and added that to TAQOZ as I was just using a compact 5x7 font. I intend to make it easier to switch fonts as need be, perhaps by loading a resource from Flash/SD although even with the font table, the extra code only takes 2k bytes. At present I have to have an optimized routine for each depth of the bit plane that I intend to use, although that has mainly been 1 or 8-bit.
    (I haven't added the bit that wraps properly to prevent clipping)

  • Peter JakackiPeter Jakacki Posts: 10,050
    edited 2021-02-23 02:46

    Here are a few screenshots of some of the dumb video modes that you can change on-the-fly interactively and even change the P2 clock frequency as needed as the video driver automatically readjusts. By dumb, I mean who would ever ever need a 32x18x1 pixel display? But you can set it to almost anything that will display and from 1 to 8-bit depth.
    The text driver handles all the controls but I'm thinking about adding the little bit extra so it can take dumb ANSI escape sequences to make it more compatible with ANSI terminals. I'm also experimenting with having fonts on file in Flash/SD so I can mix low-res terminal text with large hires fonts.
    This is part of the code that sets some of the modes. These ones all use the common V74 routine that uses a 74.25MHz clock.

    pub 720p        1280 720 1 : V74 VRES 74,250,000 VCLK
                    72 80 216 HSYN 3 5 22 VSYN  ;
    pub 360p        640 360 2 V74 ; ( 8bpp scrsz = 230400 )
    pub 180p        320 180 4 V74 ;
    pub 144p        256 144 5 V74 ;
    pub 90p         160 90 8 V74 ;
    pub 45p         80 45 16 V74 ;
    pub 18p         32 18 40 V74 ;
    3648 x 2736 - 2M
    3648 x 2736 - 2M
    3648 x 2736 - 2M
    3648 x 2736 - 2M
    3648 x 2736 - 3M
    3648 x 2736 - 3M
    3648 x 2736 - 2M
    3648 x 2736 - 3M
  • TAQOZ Bytes?

    A Byte of TAQOZ? (is it supposed to rhyme with tacos?)

  • Yes, TAQOZ is a twist on Tachyon OS and I pronounce it like TAR-COes as in this boot screen.

  • ErNaErNa Posts: 1,495

    To bring it back to page one and trying to keep it there...

  • @ErNa said:
    To bring it back to page one and trying to keep it there...

    and it's also a good time to say that although TAQOZ was mighty fast reading FAT32 files, it is even faster now at over 5MB/s read speeds. I can do the same for write once I do some more testing.

                     *** SPEEDS *** 
        LATENCY......................... 228us,319us,306us,306us,303us,307us,335us,310us,
        SECTOR.......................... 308us,410us,397us,396us,394us,398us,428us,401us,
        BLOCKS.......................... 5,273kB/s @300MHz ok
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