BasicStamp and Encoder YC2010-31 (holzer sensor)

Hello, I need help on the operation of an incremental hall effect encoder with basicstamp, since it has 2 output signals that should work as Digital, generating one of them the pulse I want but not the other, giving valuations lower than 250mV .

Signal A: 0 - 2.5V
Signal B: 0 - 250mV

Encoder: YC2010-31 (Holzer effect)


  • BS2 is always going to see a signal in the range 0-250mV as a zero.

    I looked up YC2010-31 and got nothing. Can you post a data sheet?
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  • Hi @JotaE

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    My gut weirdness detector is whispering that 2010-31 seems very close to a date code.

    As usual, images of the component could spread some light over any uncertainty. appears to have a line of hall sensors.

    Hope it helps


    unfortunately I only found the sensor on this page, and yes, it is in Chinese which could complicate something in understanding how it works, but I'm already assimilating that the sensor is working badly and that it could be a factory failure.
  • JotaE,

    You might not understand all the Chinese but notice in the wiring diagram that all the signals are HALL SENSOR which is what everyone suspected this was.

    Check your wiring because something might be loose.
    Also check the connector on the sensor PCB to make sure it's inserted all the way, that no pins are loose, and check for continuity in each wire.

    Look at the components and soldering on the sensor PCB going back from the low signal pin and see if anything doesn't look right.

    Where did you get this thing?
  • Continuity tests were made on the entire printed circuit, of the 4 encoders that I have the 4 work in the same way.
    Is there the possibility of a manufacturing error?
    The printed circuit is simple, I enclose some photos of the product.

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