How to enable XMMC in SimpleIDE v1.1?


I have been using XMMC option in SimpleIDE for more than a year now. Today I updated the IDE to version 1.1, to find out that XMMC was removed.

Can somebody provide a version of SimpleIDE v1.1 with XMMC enabled for windows 8?

SimpleIDE v1.1 has "Enhanced download speed (by 6x)" for loading code, I think this will be really useful for XMMC. There should have been an option in properties to enable instead of removing it.

Please help.


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  • David BetzDavid Betz Posts: 12,724
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    Parallax removed the extended memory models to simplify SimpleIDE. They are still available through the command line tools.

    Edit: Actually, I now remember that there was also a problem using XMMC with the Simple Libraries. A bug crept in with a newer release of PropGCC but no one had time to track it down. That may be part of the reason the option was removed. It wasn't being used by any of the Parallax Learn tutorials anyway.
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