converting analog to digital Temperature

I am trying to design a circuit using basic stamp to convert analog temperature to digital temp. Does anyone have any similar projects or can guide me in the direction I should take to accomplish this


  • You need to provide more information. There are all sorts of temperature sensors. Some of them produce a voltage proportional to the temperature (like the LM34). Some of them internally convert the temperature to digital and the Stamp reads the digital information from the device (like the DS1620). The StampWorks Kit includes a DS1620 and there's a manual and source code available for download off the product's webpage. There's a Nuts and Volts column (#2) on temperature measurement. In the same collection, #29 shows how to use the LM34 with an ADC0831 analog to digital converter.
  • Using a thermistor or an AD590 would allow you to use the Stamp's RCTIME command to do the analog to digital conversion. I have examples for the Stamp posted on my web page at BS2index.htm.
  • I'm using the BS2 with the lm34 and the ADC0831. I am having problems with the code for the ADC0831 to display
  • Here is a pointer to the parallax textbook.
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