How Intel is Handling the RealSense D400 timeline

About two years ago, Intel announced a new generation of RealSense D400 cameras. Now that the KinectV2 has been discontinued, there is some scurrying about for a replacement depth camera. It is a perfect opportunity for the RealSense brand. The only problem is the D400s are missing in action. Intel has discontinued all other RealSense platforms. So, current users of those platforms will be interested in the D400s... but the D400s are missing in action.

Due to be released in September, the release was then put off until October. This is December and the only evidence that the D400s will be released at all is the growing documentation and open source development over at GitHub. Intel has said virtually nothing about the hold up. The products are simply listed as "out of stock" and a pre-order option is yet to be activated.

There two likely problems: Intel purchased a company, which (if you believe it) will improve the stereo-metric analysis now handled by dedicated Intel chips in the cameras. Problems with "suppliers" might also be an issue, but from the looks of it, all of the suppliers are owned by

Here is my guess... and let the official record reflect: I think Intel made a belated effort to integrate "AI" hardware/software into their cameras ... only to find out that it simply doesn't work.

I would like Intel to know that I am available... I don't particularly like their approach to stereo-metrics and think I can show them a better way to do it. I think the D400's were fine as described. Just dump them into the market. You will be fine.

The chip that Intel needs is one that doesn't currently exist. Such a chip would be a no brainer for Chip Gracey to design and I would be happy to tell him what is required.

The good news is that Chip should be available momentarily. This would be the perfect time for Intel to make a request to Parallax. What harm could it do?

There you go, the D500.


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  • Well, that certainly all sounds great! An Intel and Parallax collaboration would be pretty cool. :cool:
  • Theoretically... it actually is possible. Only slightly tongue in cheek:)
  • Intel did post a statement regarding the release date of the D400 Cameras in their forums and it is looking like Jan '18 before they are planning to ship them.

    "The D400 series cameras are expected to be available for Pre-Order on December, 11th and will start shipping on January, 8th."

    You can try to purchase an Engineering demo but you may have to go through some hoops to do so.
    "If you are looking to purchase an engineering demo please access the following link:";
  • Thanks,

    Looks like I was wrong... AGAIN. God it gets tiring;)

    I missed that announcement. I did see that they have a fixed date for pre-orders.

    This is a very important product. If there is any justice, they will own the market for years to come.

    They still need a new chip, though:) There is only so much you can get from a 5x7 kernel and 64 levels of offset.

    I'm not an engineer... so I'm guessing the hurdles would be insurmountable. AND it looks like there are firmware upgrades in the
    near future... and right now, you have to return the sample to get firmware updates.
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