Pardon my ignorance. Just want to know how to use the DHB-10. Do I need Arduino or some thing to control it. How do we program it.

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    It requires either PWM pulses or serial commands so you will need something to generate the PWM pulses or serial data. From the "DHB -10 Dual H-Bridge 10 Amp Motor Controller (#28231) data sheet"

    On startup, or after a default of 250 ms without a valid PWM pulse, each motor’s status light will flash slowly. The DHB-10 will respond to PWM pulses until it receives serial data on the CH1 pin, at which point it will halt all motor movement and only respond to serial commands, until it either receives the PULSE command or it is reset or power cycled. While responding to a valid PWM pulse, or waiting for a serial command, the status lights will remain off, unless there is a fault.
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  • Thank you kwinn for the reply. What can I use to generate the pulses. Can I use an Arduino? Please suggest. Any reference to some thing that is done, so I can look at it.

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  • I don't own one, but the DHB10 is a pretty beefy motor controller. All you need is some kind of micro to generate pulses to tell it what you want it to do (motor forward/back, and at what speed).
    Anything will work for that - Propeller, Arduino, Basic Stamp or a PIC, Raspberry Pi, Beaglebone Black, whatever you've got lying around.
    Program your micro to output the signal on any free I/O pin you have and connect that pin to the input of the DHB10 for whichever motor you're trying to control with a jumper wire, and run the program. The motor should spin in one direction for a + number pulse and the opposite direction for a - number.
  • Thank you DrPop for the reply.

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    Thank you DrPop for the reply.

    Sorry for not being so helpful earlier. I just realized since the Parallax Arlo uses the DHB-10, you can use the Arlo's "Learn Section" to look at sample code and getting started with making the DHB-10 control a motor. Just go here: http://learn.parallax.com/tutorials/arlo and you can select either Activity Board (Propeller chip), Basic Stamp, or Arduino Uno and click on whichever you have available to use. Then just click through the online tutorial for that "brain" until you get to the part about testing the DHB-10, etc.
    Hope that helps!
  • Appreciate you time and reply DrPop. I will follow up on that.

  • Hi

    I can't run the motors with serial command from my Raspberry Pi. In shell python I run :

    import serial
    ser = serial.Serial(port='/dev/ttyAMA0', baudrate = 19200, timeout=1 )
    ser.write('GO 50 50')

    On scope I can see there is a correct baud rate and some action, the motors status LEDs stop flashing, but motors aren't turning. any idea ?

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