SX28/28 Proto Board Connecting SX-Key

Anybody know where the manual for this is?

Have looked high and low for it.

Question is how do you orient the SX-Key on it?

Markings are 'X1, G. G and XO'.

SX Tech board is marked 'OSC1, OSC2, Vdd and Vss'.

That's from SX Blitz Key Manual.

It says SX-Key is marked like SX Tech Board. So no problem there.


  • Here's a little tidbit.

    The SX28 and the Basic Stamp SX are the same Ubicom device underneath.

    Parallax programs and locks the code on a Stamp SX.
  • The BS2sx and BS2e are based on pre-programmed SX28s while the BS2p/pe/px are based on preprogrammed SX48s. The schematics in the back of the Reference Manual clearly show this.

  • Mike

    Good take on that!

    So. Anybody know which way you connect SX-Key to SX28/28 Proto Board?

    Would be nice to not blow it up the first time I use it. :smile:

    Received SX Tech board and Sx key today and they seem to work so far. :smile:
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    It works! You hook it up right side up. With the IC on top and the silkscreening on the bottom.

    Found out what the R in the pin names stands for. Register.

    Register PortA bit O controls pin RA0.

    Sx and PIC 16F5x;s only use 4 bits of PortA. Then PortB, PortC and so on have 8 bits.

    Going to start writing our own programs and hardware debugging them.
  • Yeah, yeah. Plug it in with the chips and components facing upward. Then you're all set.

  • Ken


    Good news bad news for you.

    My colleague (family member) likes Propeller.

    The C he knows and the multi processor angle is okay with him.

    Myself I will be programming PIC's.

    The SX with rewritten instruction set blew me out of there.

    Did get the Key and got it out of my system though.

    Your colleague family member locked in that room slaving over Prop 2 and

    you running around in the daylight having fun reminds me of something.

    The 'Prisoner of Zenda' with the locked up twin and the twin that was king.

    Take him some Twinkies tonight. :smile:
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    My colleague (family member) likes Propeller.
    You should pay attention to that person! You can program the Propeller in Spin (native), C, BASIC (from the same guy who created SX/B), and even Forth. And, of course, all of those languages (save, Forth, perhaps) allow you to add Assembly code where you want or need it.
    Myself I will be programming PIC's. [sic]
    Have you looked here?

    They even have a PIC prototyping board to go along with their tutorials. Fair warning: the hardware is not nearly as nice as what Parallax produces. Still, you may find their tutorials useful if you really want to program PICs.
    Jon McPhalen
    Hollywood, CA
    It's Jon or JonnyMac -- please do not call me Jonny.

  • Jon


    I mispoke. He knows C and many others. He likes the Spin.

    The cogs and hubs don't phase him at all. He is working on the PEKit. Fundamentals text.


    Gooligum is actually the one I took a terrific beating with.

    Just doesn't present things in a way that clicks with me.

    'John Morton PIC Microcontroller-Your Personal Introduction' is just my speed.

    It uses 16F57! Imagine that! The PIC the Stamp is based on and made from.

    It's a 'bunny slopes' learning curve. That's okay.

    It kind of has something in common with Parallax writing.

    Still can't define or pin down what it is.
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    I am the Master, and technology my slave.
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