Potatohead DEMO_Potato_Text_RC2


I'm using Potatohead's DEMO_Potato_Text spin for my 6502 SBC computer but i am having issues. It looks like the screen is not holding vertical sync correctly.

I was wondering if you can tell me me where I could get a copy of the DEMO_Potato_Text_RC2.zip file as I can't see it anywherein the forum.

Regards Con


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    This was in a blog, now gone. I'm on the hunt. Need to power up my old T60p. Got it out, bad fan.

    I did bump the fan with an air can, and it did boot. Set system cooling policy to passive. Lol, that appears to work too.

    I'll need to track that file and the state of that code down. And a P1 board... stand by.

    Please link me to what you are using now.

    Worst case, I'll just fix it again.

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