DEBUGIN Continuous Loop

Does anyone know if you can get a program to continuously loop when using a DEBUGIN?

What I want to do is prompt the user for a input (DEC), which would put a value into a variable, which it will use to in the program on a continuous loop for a pause command. The problem I am running into is I can't get it to allow the user to enter a new value without having to restart the program.

Is this even possible with the BASIC Stamp?



  • @spgoss it would help to see your code examples....
  • The Basic Stamp only does one thing at a time. If it's waiting for input (DEBUGIN), it can't do anything else. Sometimes you can write a program that appears to do several things, but it's really doing small parts of several things ... like outputting servo control pulses while sensing obstacles with a PING))). It's doing a PING))) measurement in between servo pulses.
  • Instead of using DEBUGIN you might try using SERIN with a timeout on pin 16 -- internally, this is the pin # for DEBUG statements.
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