Champollion Rolling In His Hieroglyphs

OT regarding Parallax product, but a scientific and engineering breakthrough nonetheless: Scientists used new imaging techniques to find a previously hidden chamber in the (they thought) highly researched Pyramid of Khufu (aka Great Pyramid of Giza).

Well and fine enough, but I'd say half of the news outfits, such as Huffington Post, instead show images and pictures of the Pyramid of Khafre, easily distinguished because it still has some of its casing stones in place at the top. True, it's the more phamous of the pharaoh phinal resting places, partly because it's the pyramid in the background when photographing the Sphinx head-on.

Does it matter if they get the picture wrong? Depends on whether accurate science means anything these days.


  • Well, spotted. I must admit I don't know one Pyramid from another.

    I'm not sure that scientific phact ever meant much to most people.
  • The rising trend of butchering of science has gotten to my ka (Egyptian word for soul). Using the wrong photo of a 4,500 year old pyramid is trivial; what's at issue is that a growing number of people seem to be actively avoiding an interest, and belief, in scientific inquiry. Just because we live in modern times doesn't mean we can't have another Dark Ages.
  • Just because we live in modern times doesn't mean we can't have another Dark Ages.
    Some would call this the Postmodern Age. :)

    Objective Truth seems to be falling on hard times of late. From the anti-vaxxers to a recent cabal of smart electric meter naysayers in my neck of the woods (the radio waves they emit cause cancer (◔_◔)), unfounded fear and wild conspiracy theories seem to trump educated, rational thought. (I actually want a smart meter so I can save money by running the clothes dryer at night during off-peak hours.)

    But, still, there's hope:

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