BS2 Thermostat

Hi everyone!

I am attempting to use a LM34DZ temperature sensor to produce various outputs.

So far I am using RCTime to measure the temp (with .01uF Cap/ comes out at around 107 for room temp)

My questions are as follows:

1. How should I read the temp (instead of RCTime)?

2. Is it possible for the BS2 to send an email (or similar message) to a user if signaled? (If temp is above a certain range)

Any feedback is appreciated


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  • In order for ANY device to "send an email", it would need to be connected to the internet or at least to an email server. I suspect this is a bit much for a BS2...
  • Would it not be possible using this?

    although I have no personal experience with one
  • Nomadic0 wrote: »
    Would it not be possible using this?

    although I have no personal experience with one

    EDIT: this makes it act as a WAP, this would work even better.

    So my question now is more focused on the temp readings

    (Unless someone has used the WX ESP8266 WiFi Module;)
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    The Parallax WX ESP8266 SIP WiFi Module (#32420S) can be used with a BS2. It talks directly to a WiFi network and can act as a webserver. It doesn't talk to a mail server (to send an e-mail), but can serve up a web page with the temperature or other status information.

    NetBurner used to make an internet interface that was designed for use with a BS2 (the SB70 - here). There was a special version of their firmware done for Parallax. Parallax no longer sells their product, but NetBurner continued to sell the hardware and provided the BS2 firmware as a download on their website. I think it only had a wired network connection, not WiFi, but it could connect to a mail server.
  • Awesome, thank you very much Mike. Now to get the readings...
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    You could send an email over the wx module using the "Serial Commands" described in the firmware guide- downloadable from the product page.

    Those Serial Commands include methods to make connections, and send/receive data over tcp. With a bit of code that behaves like an smtp client, you could connect to a mailserver and deliver your messages directly.

    It's not a built-in feature as Mike says, but certainly doable and would be a good project to learn both tcp and smtp protocols.
  • I think you will need to use an analog-to-digital converter. Do a forum search on LM34; there are a bunch of threads.
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  • Thanks guys, I'm glad there is still a community here

    Also, I will report back when I receive both of these items.
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