I am a raw newbie to the Propeller!

Hello all,
. . . . The Propeller is completely new territory for me. I have done a lot of BASIC programming and I have a working knowledge of C. I have also done some ASM on various processors including the PICs. Most of the time I used C to program PICs. I also have a Parallax BASIC Stamp BOE-BOT.
. . . . I am with a group of people that are building S-100 based computers. They are designing and building new boards for the S-100 buss. After decades of putting off but following the S-100 I have decided to build a S-100 computer. I have built a Propeller based Console and IO board. It is able to read a PC style keyboard and output to a SVGA monitor. My difficulty right now is that I don't have a CPU board.
. . . . My Propeller board is up and working to a certain extent. I have a flashing cursor on the monitor and I receive a Key Scan Code when I press a key. Any other key presses are ignored. Here is the problem. Since there is no CPU the data that is placed on the S-100 buss can't be read and routed to the monitor. I would like to place a loop in the existing code to read the Scan Code, look up the proper Key code, place the Character on the Monitor, display the Key Code on the Hexidecimal output LEDs, and prepare to receive the next key press.
. . . . I don't know how to do any of this. I am studying but I didn't write any of the .spin code for the propeller. The code was written by our S-100 GURU. At this point I don't even know where to place the code to do this. I have uploaded the code that does all of this. Could I please get help with this?


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