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Hey everyone. Unemployment ran out forcing me to buy myself a little time by putting some of my collection up for sale. I just need to get through one more month until some work opens up. In the mean time enjoy the deals and don't be afraid to make reasonable offers on anything on the site. I will be adding some things over the weekend so be sure to check back over the next few days.
Chris Savage - Savage///Circuits


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  • Chris,

    I will take all 3 QuickStart boards, the QuickStart Expander, the two Unipolar steppers.

    Peter (pjv)
  • As usual I see some surprises there. I'll decide by the holiday what I want, if anything, probably one of the Stamp OEM modules, depending on the quantity shown, and the Carrier board for the BS1.

    As for seeing the projects... That one for the JEB Stuart tank, oddly enough I've got a book here on robotics and Linux, and the author chose to modify one of them for his robotics project. His big problem was indeed much the same.
  • Thanks everyone. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
    Chris Savage - Savage///Circuits
  • One quick and final update on this thread. The stuff I posted on Saturday didn't show up until a little while ago because I forgot to mark it as "available". I will continue to add things and try to sell this stuff off through this month.

    As usual, please PM me or email me if you have any questions on anything. Thanks everyone! I really appreciate it!
    Chris Savage - Savage///Circuits
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