Happy Birthday, Chip!

David BetzDavid Betz Posts: 13,115
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I think today is Chip's birthday. It seems like P2 is close to being on its way to becoming real silicon! What better a birthday present than that?


  • Happy Birthday!

    Good reason to go crank up that air compressor Chip;
    Parp Parp !
  • cgraceycgracey Posts: 10,855
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    Thanks, David!

    I'm 50 today and have been working on Prop2 since I was 38. I'm glad this project is looking like it's about done.

    I really appreciate everyone's support and enthusiasm over all this time. Working with all you guys has been quite addictive and I've become rather reliant on you for lots of things.

    Hopefully, this Prop2 thing turns out to be more than a "poof" and money spent. It's just crazy how long this has been going. It almost killed me, at one point.

    It's 5:22am now and I'm in the office getting the CORDIC fixed up so I can send OnSemi a new set of Verilog files before I go to bed and they start working in Texas. I'm worn out, but healthy.

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  • Happy Birthday Chip!
    Infernal Machine
  • Happy $32 Birthday Chip!
    Melbourne, Australia
  • Chip,
    Hope you have a Happy 50th.
    Oh to be 50, or even 60 again ;)
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  • I'm right behind you at 49.5. :)
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  • cgraceycgracey Posts: 10,855
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    I remember maybe 8 years ago hearing Ken say that the average age of Prop2 forum posters was 65! You're fresh, Evanh.
  • Happy Birthday, Chip!
  • Happy Birthday, Chip. Take a little time to think about all the great things you've already done.
  • Happy Birthday Chip !!
  • cgracey wrote: »
    I remember maybe 8 years ago hearing Ken say that the average age of Prop2 forum posters was 65! You're fresh, Evanh.

    They all lied about their age! :P
    "There's no huge amount of massive material
    hidden in the rings that we can't see,
    the rings are almost pure ice."
  • Happy Day, Chip!
    Livermore, CA (50 miles SE of San Francisco)
  • 49 and some change here too.

    Thanks Chip. Happy Birthday!
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  • Happy Birthday!!
  • That's great! Happy birthday Chip, we're all rooting for you and best wishes in health, life, and of course, your Parallax projects. :smile:
  • Happy Birthday Chip!

    Having (61+ 9/12), I believe I'm well within Ken's statistics.

  • Happy 50th, Chip! The best is yet to come!

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  • Happy birthday Chip! Thanks for all the hard work and enthusiasm!
  • TonyB_TonyB_ Posts: 1,108
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    Many happy returns, Chip!

    Your age is just a number, best thought of in hexadecimal.

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  • Happy 50th, youngster :smile:
  • Thanks, Everyone! It's great to hear from you.
  • Happy 50th Chip.

    I may be the youngster of the P2 group at only 45 ;-)
  • Chip, last but not least I'd like to add my best wishes to your birthday!
    Also I want to express my great respect for the work you've already done and are doing now and in future. And take care for yourself make timeouts sometimes!
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  • Yes happy birthday Chip. Shall we celebrate with a well cooked sausage?

  • How 'bout tacos? :)
    Infernal Machine
  • Thanks, Guys.

    I cooked 400 pounds of corn yesterday and we made several thousand tortillas. If you were here, you could have all the tacos, enchiladas, and quesadillas you could stand.

    At this point, the Prop2 is a well-cooked sausage.

    Here's 800 pounds of masa, in the making:

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  • what do you do with several thousand tortillas?

    That is more then I would eat in my lifetime.

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  • Could you provide the taco wafers to OnSemi for a reduced rate ?
    Infernal Machine
  • It took several people to do that production run. They all went home with boxes of tortillas to freeze and give to their friends.

    My tortilla dreams are being put on hold. I agreed to sell all the machinery to some people in Chicago who have several restaurants and want to get into food production. Before the equipment goes, though, I've been thinking about how to get it to run optimally, so I've been doing some experiments. Yesterday, the corn was slightly overcooked, which made it tacky and difficult to run on the sheeter head. We wound up with thousands of tortillas and a big mess. I'm calling around today, trying to find somebody with some pigs who can take about 300 lbs of waste.
  • The question is how you got all of that tortilla related equipment in the first place. Did it come with your walnut farm?

    There are videos of tortilla machines on YouTube that you might find interesting. I haven’t been to Chevy’s in years, but they used to have them.

    The mini doughnut machines are fun too. My kids enjoyed the one in old town Sacramento.
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