S3 BlocklyProp Sensor Observation Deck

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This is an S3 BlocklyProp Sensor Observation Deck - the values refresh in a loop.

The code mimics the old GUI Observation Deck by using BlocklyProp and the Terminal. It monitors the Light Sensors, Infrared Obstacle Sensors, and Line Sensors - without the coffee mug!

See - http://blockly.parallax.com/blockly/editor/blocklyc.jsp?project=12557

Below is a screen capture of the Terminal display. The values for the Line Sensors are both 1 because the S3 is sitting on a block. Note: This code uses some blocks that are not currently in the S3 block menu.


This update uses new blocks written with BlocklyProp for "other" boards - meaning the fuller menu of BlocklyProp - The Blocks were downloaded and uploaded into a new S3 project - http://blockly.parallax.com/blockly/my/projects.jsp#12576 and http://blockly.parallax.com/blockly/editor/blocklyc.jsp?project=12576

One last note - I plan on updating this further to included every sensor in the Sensor menu for the S3 - that means adding Stall, Sony Remote, Microphone, and Button. Fun stuff.

Let me know how it works on your S3!

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