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Parallax Continuous Servo and Pololu Wheels?

Where can I find information on the servo shaft and hub mounting pattern/size? I'm trying to figure out if these will fit

Also, please let me know if there are better wheel solutions that have a bigger diameter than the stock ones.


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  • xanaduxanadu Posts: 3,185
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    Are these too small?

    You would probably want to use the plastic servo horn that comes with the servo, and screw the Pololu wheel to that.

    The plastic shaft that sticks out of the servo probably wouldn't like the set screw on the metal wheel hub, which is designed for a D shaped, metal output shaft.

    How much weight will the wheels have on them?
  • As Xanadu mentions, these wheels aren't compatible with RC servos, Parallax or otherwise. They're made for motors with D-shaped shafts.

    You should also be aware that they are about 50% bigger than the standard wheels the Parallax servos are designed for. This means there's less torque available to the wheels, which could be a problem if the robot is heavier than average.

    You'd probably be better off using these wheels with the motors they are designed for. Pololu (and others) sell the motors with various gear ratios, so you can better match the wheel diameter/speed to your requirements. However, going this way will require you add a motor driver. All these changes add expense.
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