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The new Star Trek + comedy



  • Jeff Haas wrote: »
    If they wanted to do a comedy, they should have gone another way and put him in charge of a space-going dump truck, or similar low-end assignment. Then his crew of misfits could bumble around each week and try not to get shot. The type of jokes in the show would fit that crew. And make it half an hour!

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  • I'll have to check that out. I wonder if it holds up these days.
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  • So, basically, they did not do as well with making comedy out of Star Trek as Star Wreck:
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    More specifically: "Star Wreck In the Pirkinning" with captain Pirk.

    Sorry you'll have to read the sub-titles. It's hysterical.
  • So The Orville is four episodes in, and the crew still acts like idiots at inappropriate times, and many of them are not believable as officers on a major spaceship. Then the show shifts tone for a few minutes and gets serious...only to have another dumb tasteless joke spoil the mood.

    Sooner or later they need to do more than rip off old Star Trek and Twilight Zone episodes...I hope.
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  • I was hoping for a better show.
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  • Amazingly, despite the mixed reviews The Orville is doing well in the ratings -- topping some of Fox's past shows in the same slot. Doesn't mean it will continue with those numbers, though. The Fall season hasn't firmly hit yet (still some shows to go), and viewers tend to be very fickle as the season wears on.

    I personally found the whole ex-wife narrative lackluster. I still haven't been able to finish an entire episode. I get bored and watch something else on Hulu.
  • I weirdly enjoyed the new Star Trek. It has its own merit to consider it as a good show.
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