JonnyMac obex contributions - missing?



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    Frankly, I think anyone who has copies of those objects and thinks they are good worthwhile things, which I'm sure they are, has a duty to put them back into OBEX. The license allows for this.

    +1 !
  • @xanadu

    Personally I have little interest now with the Propeller and hence his objects. Was more of an observation on how people conduct themselves, but expect others to act quite differently and tow the line with comments. In the UK we might class this as having a thick skin. Not replying or taking drastic actions often proves in the end as our best method. Hopefully others can recover the work he did to restore this for others that may still wish to use his works as reference.

    I know his work has value for so many, my project was published in an on-line monthly magazine. Such a shame that the PAL video output was so poor to not make the usage of this chip viable on technical terms. For reference was the PAL50 thread you can search for. The technical video output in PAL can be called a train wreck constrained by silicon. For your testing do not feed a TV that does magical fix-ups. Use instead a decent "PAL" only Video monitor.

  • I actually wanted to update some of mine, but have been locked out of the account.
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  • JonnyMac is still writing his "The Spin Zone" Articles in 'Nuts and Volts' and I do believe he made reference to the exchange he had in the forum in his latest article "Stepping Up To Help Friends".

    In the article, he does mention working with a number of SFX folks, so it does seem that he is busy and still using the Parallax products.
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