RF Detector



  • Got it! Fe boots! At least their not Pb boots!
  • Haha, I was experimenting with lead while I made up my comparison chart. 2 oz Pb sinker had little effect.

    In my research I read that a single turn of wire will disrupt the field. I tested it out using a 12 ga copper wire. Sure enough it worked great, better than anything thus far. 3.5uH drop! The issue is that for the most effect it needs to be the same size as the coil in the ground, and that's not happening for traffic lights.

    I will cut the Fe foil to the size of the insole, and the remove the middle part, so it resembles a loop. The foil is 0.5mm thick, so I might have to stack a couple of layers.

    I can compare that with foil that is not in a loop and see if it's any better.
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