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Is there a fabrication/release time line yet?

Is there fabrication/release time line yet?


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  • Hi Jeff!

    As I understand it, the next waypoint is to make sure the analog parts of the chip are exactly as intended. I would be greatly surprised if the first pass meets all of Chip's requirements. It just doesn't seem humanly possible... so, maybe we will find out next that Chip is an alien:)

    IMHO, the three best areas to watch are the work Chip has been doing to improve Spin, the USB testing (and refinements), and the fact that the first modules will
    probably have HyperRam installed!!!

    My guess is slightly after the first of next year. I think the topic should be a contest with the winner getting an autographed module... at full price:)



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    On July 6 Chip posted the following statement in "The New 16-Cog..." thread.
    cgracey wrote: »
    Things are coming together nicely on all fronts to get a full chip built. Our current test chip will go into a shuttle in about 4 weeks. It usually takes 10 weeks to get back. By that time, the Prop2 digital design should be quite certain and proven. Notice that in the last release, there were no new instructions, just refinements to what already exists.
    So the new analog test chip should go into a shuttle run in about 2 weeks, and it should come back some time in September. Maybe the full chip will go into synthesis by the end of the year. Nobody really knows. Also, the last we heard Parallax is working on getting the funding for the final effort to build the chip. I'm optimistically hopeful that Parallax will have a chip by Xmas 2018.
  • I also remember Ken saying a while back that once Chip gives the 'go' it'll be roughly six months until product is available. So still a minimum of a year yet.
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