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Where can I find information on making changes to files that get included in blocklyprop programming?

I wanted to try to make changes to ws2812.h to run ws2811 or sk6812RGBW LED strips.

I wouldn't want to mess around with the official ws2812.h file in the library but I thought there was a way to use and test locally hosted libraries.

I have been successful making changes in ws2812.h in SimpleIDE to control these other strips but have no idea how to get it into BlocklyProp.

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  • Good morning,

    While we currently do not have a way for users to add libraries to BlocklyProp, we are happy to facilitate community additions to it that will have broad appeal to its users.

    We intentionally included a drop down menu on the RGB LED block for this exact reason. We'd love to add support for other types of RGB leds/controller ICs, so if you've built something in SimpleIDE that works, we can find a way to incorporate it. If you are willing to share, please email me your SimpleIDE project, and I'll see what it will take to get it added into BlocklyProp.

    My email is

    Matthew Matz
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    Thanks Matt,

    It looks like BlocklyProp already runs (ws2812b - sk6812) strips as both will run with ws2812b code

    I think the driver used in BlocklyProp may already be capable of running the (ws2811 - ws2812) strips by running the ws2812 code instead of ws2812b

    I have gotten the 32bit sk6812RGBW strips to work in SimpleIDE by modifying an existing SimpleIDE project from the Learn folder but have not been successful getting a project that has been exported out of BlocklyProp to work the same way. If I can't get that to work I will send what I have.
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