Robotic Co-Pilot

It used auto-land, but still pretty wild!


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  • using knobs and dials as a computer to computer interface seems pretty silly to me.

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  • What's with all the movments when it's not doing anything?
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  • Publison wrote: »
    What's with all the movments when it's not doing anything?

    It does look like it has some software issues.

    Don't a co-pilot need two hands?
    Who has there hands on the yoke?

    Not a real co-pilot, but may be useful for training. I can't believe they allow driver-less cars, now their trying for pilot-less planes. I'm in no hurry to be a passenger in either one.
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    I am researching this project, along with automatic cars. This robotic hand is made by DARPA, in their ALIAS project. Currently, it is evolving, and it will become normal one day. Same story goes with cars that are driving on their own. Find more info about this project here:
  • Let's see how it gets on with a guarded switch, or...
    Chatting up the cabin crew, or...
    Reading printed data link messages, or...
    Watching porn on a laptop...

    ...and all the other things at which co-pilots excel.
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  • Humans needed, NOT !!!
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