FLiP vs Propstick USB

The description of the new FLiP board sort of implies that it is pin and code compatible with the Propstick (with the exception of two 68K pull-downs). Is this true?

If so, great (if only for the power-over-USB feature). If not, what would I have to change?


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  • You'd want to take a look at pins 30 and 31 on your PropStickUSB implementation.

    30 was XI (Xtal input), and with FLiP is NC (Not connected)
    31 was NC (Not connected), and with FLiP is USB 5Vout (assuming you are powering from usb!)

    If you handle those 2 pins, and also factor in the two 68K pull-downs you mentioned on P26/P27), then your good to drop the FLiP in place of the PropStickUSB.
  • One other slight improvement...

    The FLiP module I2C bus has both clock and data (P28 & P29) pulled up with 3.9K resistors.
    PropStickUSB didn't have the clock pin (P28) pullup, and used 10K on P29.

    This should be an improvement with FLiP that ought not impact external circuits, unless you've added an external pullup to either of those pins.
    Ie. if you previously have added external resistors for I2C, you likely won't need them anymore.

  • You could change your budget, in a favorable way. FLiPs are very low cost, but in my view far superior to the PropStick USB if they can work in your application. For Parallax, this volume is very high - ensuring a very long life span.
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