Basic Micro Atom 28

Downloaded IDE from Chuck Hellebuyck's website.

It looks good.

Waiting for Atom, carrier board and spare Atom to get delivered.

They are New Old Stock.

Good part is can test board and what not with Basic Stamp module.

Anybody else into Basic Atom's?


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  • I was when they first came out, finally gave up on it when I could no longer get the software to recognize the Atom.
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  • Hal

    Just got it to fool around with.

    It has ICD debug built into Atom. Don't see that everyday.

    Have to clamp down on 'Historical Buys'.

    Will end up with 10x20 garage full of them.

    Had one wall of steel shelving with IBM original PC's monitors, hard drives.

    Some Navy surplus. New in box. Never used. Mint.

    Put them out by dumpster down in San Diego in the 90's.

    At least micro parts are smaller!:)
  • ercoerco Posts: 18,499
    I nabbed a BA off Ebay long ago for my oddball collection. It's been in my drawer for several years, never fired it up.

    Also have a C-Stamp, several Kronos Athena/Nemesis chips, PicStics, and more.
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  • The big picture is Stamp was the beginning of the PIC based Language IDE/bootloader craze.

    Which has all kinds of branches now.

    Digilent CHIPkit which has attached itself to Arduino IDE.(used to have there own Language/IDE.

    Something called Firewing and Swordfish in England. 32 bit handfull of latest processors supported.

    I think there are '1,2,3...many' out there.(human mind can only hold 3 items in short term memory).

    Pinguino by Olimex.(would not even start when I installed it.Think need to do something with Python that downloaded

    with it to get it to run.)

    PIC Basic Pro is sort most useful of the bunch. Does not have control of Microchip Assembler and C though.

    Basic Atom was there at the beginning.
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