ENC28J60 trouble..

I bougt one of this ENC28j60 ethernet shield designed for Arduino NANO:
The text says its V3.0, but it is printed V1.0 at the module. Do`nt know the difference.
Was hoping to get connected to my ethernet with a Propeller and Harrison Pham`s "example_httpserver", but I`m really struggeling with this thing.
I maybe have done the SPI wiring wrong?
Seems like nothing works if I power the module with 3,3v. When powering the module with 5v, I get the A and B LED`s at the RJ-45 socket to light up/blink.
There`s no debug output from Harrison`s program, so I really don`t know what`s going on. No error`s when loading the programme.
Also added "localroger"`s handle_ping routine, but no luck so far.
Been working on this "deamed" module for 3 days now, and it`s driving me nuts.. Maybe I should throw it in the garbage and forget it, but I`ll give it a last chance with this request.
Also been reading old threads at this forum about the ENC, but I`m stucked..
Has somone tried such module and sitting at som "trick" to get it working? Wiring diagram?


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    Version numbers ... I think it means "ENC28J60 module 1.0" for "Arduino Nano 3.0".

    The module has its own regulator because the ENC28J60 needs 3.3V. Check for a connection from Vin to this regulator. Additionally it may contain levelshifters to lift the ENC28J60's 3.3V outputs to 5V (probably taken from the Nano 3.0 board) because the Arduino Nano is a 5V pet. So it may need power via both Vin and the 5V line. Because of the level shifters it is not a good choice for a pure 3.3V context.

    —> ArduinoNano30Schematic.pdf @ arduino.cc
    —> A probably very similar ENC28J60 board (ignore the different size) and its schematic

    An ENC28J60 module like this one is a pure 3.3V pet (and cheaper too).
    This will be easier to use in a pure 3.3V context.
  • EUREKA... Thanks alot, yeti. You got me on the right track. I found that the 3,3v and Vin pins are not connected on the module.
    Module is to be powered through the 5v pin, and then it makes its own 3,3v for the ENC28j60 chip.
    Also misunderstood what was the MISO and the MOSI pins on the Prop in Harrison`s program.
    Following setup worked:
    Prop pin 1 to module pin 10. CS
    Prop pin 2 to module pin 13 with 10k pulldown. SCK
    Prop pin 3 to module pin 11. MOSI
    Prop pin 4 to module pin 12 with 1k series resistor. MISO

    Also got the "handle_ping" routine working.
    Module hereby saved from the garbage bucket... :smile: :smile:
  • Yay! Glad my ping code came in useful.
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