ENC28J60 trouble..

I bougt one of this ENC28j60 ethernet shield designed for Arduino NANO:
The text says its V3.0, but it is printed V1.0 at the module. Do`nt know the difference.
Was hoping to get connected to my ethernet with a Propeller and Harrison Pham`s "example_httpserver", but I`m really struggeling with this thing.
I maybe have done the SPI wiring wrong?
Seems like nothing works if I power the module with 3,3v. When powering the module with 5v, I get the A and B LED`s at the RJ-45 socket to light up/blink.
There`s no debug output from Harrison`s program, so I really don`t know what`s going on. No error`s when loading the programme.
Also added "localroger"`s handle_ping routine, but no luck so far.
Been working on this "deamed" module for 3 days now, and it`s driving me nuts.. Maybe I should throw it in the garbage and forget it, but I`ll give it a last chance with this request.
Also been reading old threads at this forum about the ENC, but I`m stucked..
Has somone tried such module and sitting at som "trick" to get it working? Wiring diagram?

:cat: Peter ***Aafjord, Norway***


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