Wither the PropScope ?

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Hi all, long long time no post.

I noticed that Hanno hasn't been here since 2014 --- which is about the last time I was here :-/

... and many of the (forum) propscope links are dead. (Including at least one on the still available (propscope product page scroll down to 'additional resources')

So I just discovered an old propscope lying little used for years in a box.

Is the propscope still supported ?

The (old?) drivers still listed are all Windows. Did anyone ever attempt making a driver / gui for Linux ?

It would be really neat to make a little scope box using an RPi and a TFT display. :)

- Howard in Florida


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  • PropScope is pretty much as it is when it came out. No upgrades at all. It still works great for me as is until I can afford one of the DSO that everybody has. :)
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