Propeller IDE lacking ability to reset via RTS?

With the Propeller Tool, you could go into Preferences:Operations and change the "reset" function for the Propeller from the default "DTR" to the option of "DTR & RTS". This allowed the use of boards designed with the FTDI FT230X chip. I discovered tonight, that the Propeller IDE software does not have any options for changing the Propeller Reset function.

Does anyone know if this could be an option in future releases? I was going to use the FT230X in a Propeller design due to real estate (as I did with my PropBSC), but I don't like the idea of no functionality with Propeller IDE.


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  • I believe you can can reprogram the ftdi chip itself, using FTPROG. Reassign that pin to DTR.
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    Thanks Tracy. Unfortunately, the FT230X is what FTDI calls a "Basic UART" not a "Full Handshake UART", so DTR is not available even as a CBUS pin configuration.

    I just need to move to the FT231. The good news is that the current version of the FT231 is in a 4mm square QFN package as well (20 pin versus the FT230X's 16 pins), so my real estate concerns are ruled out. Cost between the two is negligible, so I think this is now a non-issue.

    I just have to remember that whenever I use my PropBSC prototypes, I have to use the Propeller Tool to download code.
  • I haven't seen Brett online for ages. Who is maintaining PropellerIDE these days?
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