GPS Waveshare NEO-7M-C (Parallax #28511) First test

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Hi All,

This is my fist test with Waveshare NEO-7M-C (Parallax #28511) GPS
This GPS is awesome and extremely easy to use and wire . I followed this link and I made the wiring diagramGPS-Waveshare.png
(you need only 3 cables). Then I wrote the Blockly code (another awesome feature of that product) and here is the result:

I have to say that the module fixed extremely fast the 5 satellites! (I have a Garmin GPS for my car and takes minutes to start)
I took Lat and Long in order to verify my position on Google Maps and here is the result: I can assure you that is by far better from the result from my Garmin!

Till now I had my computer connected to the propeller board via USB, in order to have the coordinates on serial terminal. Next step is to use one LCD


1024 x 674 - 166K
1280 x 843 - 316K


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    I'm curious how the 1 pulse per second (pps on PCB) on this compares with other GPS module's 1pps performance.
    Are you able to test that ?
  • Nikos,
    Thanks for your evaluation.
    From your post notes we can get an idea of the horizontal accuracy.
    Please can I ask you to do some readings to establish the vertical (elevation) accuracy.
    From the internet I found an article which suggests vertical accuracy is about 1.5x horizontal accuracy.
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    For analysing GPS I use free on Windows:

    This nice soft analyse dilution..... golsnas, galileo, ...
    You have to enable all the nmea outputs in the GPS
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