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Blockly with WS2812s, ColorPal, S3, Ping))) Ultrasonic sensor (three videos) — Parallax Forums

Blockly with WS2812s, ColorPal, S3, Ping))) Ultrasonic sensor (three videos)

Ken GraceyKen Gracey Posts: 7,184
edited 2017-03-24 20:49 in Learn with BlocklyProp
I think the WS2812s are a pretty good demonstration of Blockly capabilities. This uses JonnyMac's driver run through Spin2CPP, then put into Blockly. A conglomeration of testing stuff to see that everything works right.

Ken Gracey


  • Very cool!
  • Very Nice Ken! Should get some inspiration going.
  • There's a lot here. Floating point isn't here, but most anything a noob programmer as myself would hope to find is here. I'm just looking forward to the integration of David's PropLoader so we can program wirelessly from Blockly.

    Ken Gracey
  • That Parallax FLiP module #32123 looks convenient.
  • twm47099twm47099 Posts: 867
    edited 2017-03-25 00:13
    Very nice. I especially like how colors for the ws2812 are selected using a pallet.

    I also just checked and found that Switch/case and setting groups of pins states (including using binary numbers) have been added. Blocklyprop is becoming quite powerful (and fun).

    One like-to-have (although it may not be feasible) is in the blockly Community Projects pages, it would be useful to order the projects by date and user (or search on user). That way when we see a video like the ones above, it would be easier to locate the project to see the code.

    As the user base grows, there are many interesting sounding, but empty projects and that will increase, making searching the Community Projects frustrating.
  • Tom, are you referring to the "Projects" search tool output on Learn?
  • Ken,
    No, when you log into Blockly and select community projects. Trying to find recent projects is difficult. You can order the projects by board or project name, but there is no date column and user doesn't have an ordering selection.

  • Aha, yes. That search tool is 100% drain bread and we need to fix it up the right way. It's not high on the priority list at this moment but will soon become very important to fix.

    We have so many systems, databases, and processes around us. It's never easy :)

    Ken Gracey
  • cool demos!

    How about posting the blocklyProp-code?

    best regards

  • Totally awesome demo's Ken, it sure looks like your having fun developing Blockly code.
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