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Free eBook

With occasional discussions about writing language compilers for P2, I thought this free ebook might interest some of you:

Getting Started with LLVM Core Libraries


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  • cgraceycgracey Posts: 9,019
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    I got it. Now must read it. Thanks.
  • now in your time scale certainly is stretched to "after starting silicon production" and after: completion of documentation, as having a compiler is obsolete if there is no silicon and as we believe in the power of load distribution, this task should be someone elses task! Please.
    The new definition of political correctness: omit anything that could distract Chip from pulling the Gral from the melt!
  • cgracey wrote: »
    I got it. Now must read it. Thanks.
    Cool! Maybe our next Propeller C compiler will come from Chip!

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