VL53L0X Time-of-Flight Distance Sensor

Anybody try these yet? They sound interesting but there are a lot of buts & qualifiers in the description. I'll prolly stick with Sharp range sensors for now.

"When you make a thing, a thing that is new, it is so complicated making it that it is bound to be ugly. But those that make it after you, they don’t have to worry about making it. And they can make it pretty, and so everybody can like it when others make it after you."

- Pablo Picasso


  • I played, testing on bench only, with the shorter range version (VL6180X) of this sensor. Seemed to work OK. It is not friendly for putting multiple units on the same I2C buss. You can change the I2C address, but it resets back to default on power cycle.

    John Abshier
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