BS2p Code for PAM-7Q GPS Module

I noticed there is no BS2 code in the downloads for the PAM-7Q GPS Module. P'raps Parallax could consider adding this.

This has to run on a BS2p or better because it needs more than 64 bytes of get/put memory. There is code for three slots:
MyGPS         all this does is call routines in the other two slots
ReadParse   This has routines to read and parse an RMC, read and parse a GGA (for altitude), convert UTC date/time to local, 
                   convert date to day of week, and fiddle the time zone for daylight savings
Display        This has routines to initial a debug screen and a LCD and to update a debut screen and a LCD

The code alternately reads and parses a RMC or a GGA sentence (couldn't do both in one second). After it reads and parses one or the other, it
converts UTC time/date to local time/date. It will work for any even-hour time zone (sorry, Aussies, couldn't bring myself to do half hours because
I thought it would encourage people to use half- or quarter-hours). Finally, it converts date to day-of-week and updates the displays.


  • Chris SavageChris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: 14,406

    If you follow up with me on Tuesday while I am in Rocklin I will set up a GPS module and test your code and see if we can make it available. Please send me an email to on Tuesday when I will be ready to set everything up. :nerd:
  • I'll also try and test over the weekend. I have a PDB hooked up to my new Win 10 RCA Cambio, but it has problems connecting to BS2PX and BS2PE. It will connect sometimes. I'll try my Toshiba WIN 10 laptop tomorrow.
  • Chris SavageChris Savage Parallax Engineering Posts: 14,406
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    I can't seem to remove my own comment. ;)
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