The New DHB-10 Motor Controller

George SuttonGeorge Sutton Posts: 179
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Is the DHB-10 intended to replace the HB-25? And is this a limited production run? I am curious after having purhased some HB-25s... perhaps I need to consider the DHB-10 in the future.


  • I'm just speculating, but I suspect the DHB-10 was produced for the new Arlo complete kit:

    It keeps a low profile on the deck. It looks easier to mount than the HB-25.

    I would think the HB-25 will continue due to the higher current capabilities.
  • Looking into the HB-25 selling price, the sale price is $29.99.

    All the last chance products are priced at $XX.87, so I think they are trying to bring the inventory count of 278 down a little.

    I do not speak for Parallax, but I talk about them a lot! :)
  • Thanks for the reply! Sounds good to me.
  • George - Got a DHB-10 today - it is beautifully constructed and designed - very compact too - can't wait to play with it!

    "We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths." - Walt Disney
  • Whit-

    Thanks for the info. Sounds like another top-notch Parallax product for me to put on my list!
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