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  • Cluso99 wrote: »
    No worries.

    I just tried VGA and I am not getting anything displayed. PC is working with your code.
    I will need to check my wiring but not tonight :(

    VGA and Brian's LA work as I tried it already. This is my setup:

    Just wire up the grounds and connect to these pins directly and it will work, especially as Brian's code runs on a P2D2 like yours.

    Yes, that is how I thought I had wired it. GND is just above the P0/P1 pair.
    If the cable meters ok, I'll try another monitor. I am using an Acer X233H 23". Perhaps it's not recognising the auto switch (might require 3V3/5V on the power pin 9)
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    While you must use 2.0V DAC mode for R/G/B, you need to use 3.3V DAC mode for HSYNC.
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    OK. VGA working - Vsync not connected properly :(

    Presume its monochrome?
  • Palette is at end of code.
    Comment out monochrome palette and uncomment color palette.
  • Done. Nice job Brian :smiley:

  • Brian,
    I've just run up P123_A9_LA.exe on Wine and it gives me a baudrate error, see attached, that seems at odds with experience. Or at least Linux programs don't have the same restriction. I guess Wine might be filtering the setting.

    Is that due to a query in your code? If so, I'd like to try a hack where it just specifies the desired rate and hoping it works.

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    Oh, just found the later zip file with P2_LA_control_3.exe in it. That's happy with comport as long as I use 115200 baud. I'll assume that's a usable rate ...

    EDIT: Except I've only got a P123 board. :(
  • From what I've seen, it should work on a P123 board if code is recompiled.

    I used 1M baud. You have to open the com port on the pc, then click the RUN? button.
  • For P123-A9 board you need to change back to a single HUBSET #$FF and change VSYNC to 0 from 4.
    That should do it, I'll check it tomorrow.
    The P123-A9 will support 3 MBaud.

    BTW I run the Logic Analyzer with a FT2232H as a propplug @ 12Mbaud.
    I want to switch to 50Mbaud sync mode next to get a real snappy frame rate. :)
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    Thanks Brian. Did that and it's running 3 cogs with a couple of green leds alternately flickering ...

    Loading up the LA_Control program on Wine and click Open Port and bam, the FPGA Prop2 resets. :( I'm guessing the DTR line gets pulled.

    Clicking RUN and I see Tx led flicker. But, since the Prop2 is now sitting idle, there is no reply.

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    Got past that hurdle - I loaded the .obj file as BOOT_P2.BIX onto a uSD card and used the experimental SD boot wiring to auto load up on reset.

    Sadly clicking on RUN or INFO produced no display. Wine is reporting a slow stream of "004f:fixme:comm:wait_on EV_RXFLAG not handled" messages when doing so.

    Think I'll be leaving it there.

  • I am playing with VGA now with 1920x1080 @ 2bpp. Uses 506.25KB of hub ram :smiley:
  • :P
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    ozpropdev wrote: »
    Here's a test code sample of exercising a smart pin in transition mode.
    It include the use of a pins selector capability to read an nearby pins state.
    Also the use of a marker signal.

    Got a match here using Wine and also inserting backslash into all LOC instructions:

    PS: I think it was always working with Wine - with nerf'd comport function. I just wasn't giving the upload enough time to complete at 115k baud. I kept on clicking buttons because it didn't show any progress.
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    Dave had to resort to using a cross-platform library, I think, to make >115k work transparently for his loadp2 tool ...

    EDIT: Sort of. Looks like a bunch of people involved to get that right. Dave Hein has used osint_*.c files that have been updated by David Betz but appear to be originally written by a John Denson.

  • Now imagine the timing diagram on a P2 with VGA 1920x1080 even if only the top half although in 2bpp I can fit the whole screen :)
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