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What's new?

Hello Parallax, thecommunity, and all with the Internet!
I have been discussing the P1 on the forum, heard that the P2 is under development, and became interested.
First, what is new? What can I expect from this one that the P1 didn't have? Does it have 32 or 64 pins?
Second, I would like to suggest improvements. Here are some, in order of most desired to last desired.
1. Easier stack management
2. Serial built in
3. Internal EEPROM
4. Faster clock speeds/PLL multiplier


  • ErNaErNa Posts: 1,559
    Hello Kaboom ( remembers to the sound of an explosion, at least for native german speakers ) please follow this link: and then try to start from the beginning to read the forum contributions. It took me two years before I could make the first, not neccessarily useful contribution.
  • evanhevanh Posts: 10,859
    1. The Prop2 has multiple hardware stacks. I'm not sure if that will make management any easier though, just faster.
    2. Serial hardware is sort in-flux at the moment. Chip is right at this very moment finishing "SmartPins" - which has features for bit shifters I think.
    3. External booting is still required. Although there is talk of possible cold booting directly from SD card. (TBD)
    4. Clock speed is at least doubled, maybe more. Instruction speed is also doubled, making for 4x or 5x MIPS per Cog. And lastly, number of Cogs is doubled as well. LMM is now in hardware, called HubExec, and can run up to native Cog speed.
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