The JSN - SR04T is compatible with the basic stamp homework ?

Hey there

I'm experimenting with JSN - SR04T and BASIC Stamp Homework module , this is my code

' {$STAMP BS2}
' {$PBASIC 2.5}

trig PIN 14
echo PIN 15


tiempo VAR Word
cm VAR Word
cm_max CON 20000
fuera_tiempo CON 0


IF echo = 0 THEN

PULSOUT trig,5
PULSIN echo,1,tiempo

cm = tiempo/29

'IF cm <= cm_max THEN tiempo = fuera_tiempo


DEBUG HOME, "time = ", DEC5 tiempo, CR
DEBUG ? cm


I have probrado with HC SR04 and works very well , but when tested sim with JSN - SR04T fails, the module is unable to send any signal ultrasound.
there I have my question if this module supports basic stamp ?

Excuse my bad English

Postscript ; this is the image module



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