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WiFi controlled outlets



  • There's some info posted on the FCC website:

    The manual includes pinout, and how to enter UART download mode/ flash boot mode.
  • danimal4326, that FCC document has an incorrect pinout and as I showed by actually reflashing one of them, all you have to do is short GPIO0 to ground to do that. See my post at the top of page 2.
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    Therefore I must conclude that the outlet has memory and a clock. The timer settings were stored and activated properly even thought the WiFi was not available.

    It is more sophisticated than I suspected.

    I have discovered something about the app itself. It looks like it has maybe some kind of DB in it (sqllite?) that stores the list of ZIP codes/time zones, timers and ect? So my best guess is that it calls out to the app every so often on one port to check the time and if any changes in timer states and the like...

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    If you lucky and can find it Sears have INSTEON starterkit with hub (Ethernet/wifi) and two dimmable outlets for $48
    I got the Assurance kit for $89 ($69 after free SYW surprise points) that's is even a better value.

    And anyone with a company name can sign up to create INSTEON hardware, it uses general 915mhz fsk radio system (optional house wiring as backup transmission)
  • For those looking to open up the Wi-Fi switch and re-purpose it, then this ITEAD Studio device may be of interest. $4.85 during their Happy Chinese Monkey Year sale. Of particular interest is that the website has dimensional drawings and a link to the schematic.
  • Hi,

    I got 5 of these from
    Following instruction from here and, I was able to flash it with nodemcu firmware :) THANK you.

    I noticed a couple of difference:
    1- No reset button (there is a placeholder for the button, but no button )
    2- the one from walmart can monitor energy consumption. so U2 is populated (the numbers are erased from the chip, so I could not find what chip they were using :(

    Does anyone know how to get the power consumption data from the board ( or esp8266) ?
    Also, I could not figure out what pin is used for the wifi led. ( tried gpio1 - 12) and no luck. does anyone know how to control the wifi led?
  • Of note, Home Depot now has the Eco Plugs CT-065W on clearance for $7.44. I picked up 4 at my local HD in Durham, NC and other stores in the Triangle region show stock levels from 2 to 18. It also shows as available for shipping.
  • Thanks for your work on re-flashing an EcoPlug. After I bought some WorkChoice WiFI Outlets from Walmart recently, I experienced difficulties with re-programming the currently available ECOPlug version of ESP8266. I had trouble making the wiring connections & with getting an upload to work. The current version is constructed differently from what is previously pictured & seems to enter flash mode somewhat differently. From my experience, successful uploading needs one more connection on the ECOPlug's ESP8266 board. Adding a large capacitor can help. I also worked out a programming jig to avoid the difficult soldering to the board's pads & to avoid cramming wires into a crowded case. See this thread for documentation >
  • Nice work, PapaB. I still have six of the old style plugs waiting to be used but it's nice to know the work continues on the newer versions.
  • i have a eco wifi plug having trouble getting timers set
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