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  • I slowly get nervous.

    Mentioning a MS surface pro on a 'New Cheap Windows Tablet' thread seems to be kind of Off Topic.

    But something has to be there. Being German, I thought I was spared by this, but now frank comes out, so I am not immune by birth-country.

    I am still confused about the whole @Heater.confused issue. Notorious MS basher, he came over to the US of A and something changed. He is praising the same product, it even runs all his Linux stuff, he sais.

    And now he seems to hang out with Security robots on the MS parking space in San Jose?

    where is the world going too? Do I need a Surface Pro?


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  • ercoerco Posts: 19,368
    While shopping for MS Word/Office for a new computer, I see that "Word Mobile" is free for Windows phones & tablets of screen size 10.1" and under. The RCA Cambio mentioned in this thread qualifies with its 10.1" screen.

    So if you need Word and have 160 MB to burn, tell 'em erco sent ya.

    Word is also free for Android, but you already knew that:
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